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Since the beginning of the year, employers have been able to help pay off employees’ home loans by providing tax and contribution relief of $ 5 million every five years.

The purpose of housing promotion has been possible so far, the novelty is that this source can be used for repayment of housing loan. (That is, not for repayment of a home equity loan, but only for home purchase or for renovation/modernization.) However, the legislation was elaborate and the eligibility check was completely sewn around the employer, leaving the scope of the provision rather limited.


This is a bug that is being corrected by the current release


Which can be found here from page 4763 of issue 50 of 2014. The amount of support may not exceed HUF 5 million in the past 5 years or more than 30% of the construction cost or purchase price.

In addition, the property’s room number must also meet the criterion of a reasonable amount of housing. This varies according to the number of occupants and the number of rooms and can be read under the terms of state subsidies for house purchases on State subsidies for housing). There can be no more rooms than the number of people living on the property.


The above-mentioned decree contains the necessary certificates and other information

If you succeed in getting the employer to pay the subsidy, everyone will benefit, as up to one million can be paid completely tax-free and tax-free each year, which would almost double the pay if you want to pay it.

However, care must be taken that the employee’s wages cannot be reduced, that is, not in lieu of salary, but beyond this employer benefit.

If your employer is only willing to support your loan repayment at the expense of another cafeteria, you are better off with it than with any other type of card and voucher, which is not necessarily 100% tax, contribution, and cost-free. (For example, when you make a health insurance contribution, not only the employer pays the personal income tax and the EHO, but you also deduct 5-6% of the remainder to pay for the cashier, which means you spend less money.)

So I would try your employer at your place if you have a home loan.


Final debt discharge.

September 4, 2019