London Design Fair founder Jimmy MacDonald joins Ribbon as fair liaison director

SAN FRANCISCO, May 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Ribbon announced that jimmy macdonald has been appointed World Fairs Liaison Director. In his new role, MacDonald will lead the development of new trade show revenue opportunities with the hybrid e-commerce platform.

“Trade shows are always grappling with new expectations in the wake of the pandemic,” says Ribbon CEO Vinit Patil. “With his strong background in both e-commerce and show management, Jimmy is well positioned to guide show managers in adopting new mixed models that not only add revenue, but serve their exhibitors in a great way. more important.”

MacDonald, a seasoned trade fair executive and founder of the London Design Fair, brings decades of industry knowledge and a pioneering spirit to the e-commerce platform as it continues to grow into international trade shows from retail, art and clothing. As founding director of Design Fair Asia, MacDonald has a proven track record of spearheading high-profile design events globally. MacDonald is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts and has been listed as one of The evening standard and Citibank’s “1,000 Most Influential Londoners”.

“I was looking for a transactional e-commerce platform to enable the sale of exhibitors for my next launch, essential for any new or ongoing exhibition, ” jimmy macdonald Explain. “Frustrated, I had actually started considering creating my own until I discovered Ribbon, which goes even further than I imagined. Starting a fair was exciting, but making all fairs transactional was a challenge I couldn’t refuse.”

Ribbon is a trade show partner owned by trade show groups including international market centers and Angus Montgomery Arts, as well as independents like the Florida Swimwear Association. The platform exceeded $100 million in transactions since its launch with various fairs last year, and will announce new partnerships with fairs and showrooms in the fields of home, gift, art and clothing in the months to come.

About the ribbon: Ribbona San Francisco technology-based, offers a turnkey SaaS platform to power specialized B2B marketplaces and hybrid trade shows. Ribbon has revolutionized trade shows in industries that have traditionally relied solely on in-person business by supporting face-to-face events with a complementary fully transactional e-commerce platform for exhibitors.

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