Nonprofit Partnership Celebrates Completion of North Chicago Renewal With Groundbreaking Ceremony

North Chicago, IL, May 25, 2022: On May 19, Matthew Homes and YouthBuild Lake County (YBLC) celebrated their first co-developed affordable home improvement project with a groundbreaking ceremony. This signifies the completion of a 3 year operation, which has been slowed down due to COVID. This renovation was achieved through a joint effort between the two organizations: Matthew Homes provided the materials for the project and YBLC members provided the labor while providing valuable hands-on training to young adults aged 16. at 24 years old.

The President and CEO of ReNew Communities, the parent organization of Matthew Homes, was delighted to welcome the family of 4 to their newly renovated home. This project is part of Matthew Homes long term commitment to the development of North Chicago. This is accomplished by encouraging homeownership block by block until community enrichment grows organically and exponentially. By partnering with YBLC, this mission doubles its area of ​​impact by giving YBLC members a chance to develop their construction skills while seeking jobs in the trades.

Tameka Wilson, Executive Director of YouthBuild Lake County, explained how this new partnership will continue to bring about positive change throughout North Chicago:

“Over 100 YouthBuild members have touched any part of this project. Projects like these help our members earn hours of service, which is truly meant to renew and rebuild young adult communities. It’s a very natural process for us to partner with an organization like Matthew Homes, which allows us to support homeownership and the revitalization of North Chicago.”

Thomas Corning, Design and Build Coordinator at Matthew Homes, recounted the impact of the partnership on the project:

“What I want to celebrate is the collaboration between our volunteers, the young people who work with YouthBuild and all the other agencies who have sent volunteers to build this beautiful house. It reflects the wonderful association we have with YouthBuild and what is happening through our new partnership.”

Matthew Homes and YouthBuild Lake County are currently working on a second affordable housing project in the same neighborhood. Both organizations look forward to continuing their joint impact throughout North Chicago in the years to come.

Rufus T. Sifford