Thoughtful DIY Gift Ideas for Your Friends They’re Sure to Love

Purchase gifts because your friends will fill you with joy and make you think about their every wish so that you can make them come true. Sometimes it even feels like your Friendship is online. But, there is no need to be stressed. It’s normal that you feel overwhelmed when you receive gifts for your friends, but have you ever thought about make a? In fact, investing weather and effort doing something great original can express how much they mean to you, and here are some great ideas ideas you can use.

  1. Scrapbooks are still present

Scrapbooking isn’t just a vintage tradition reserved for middle-aged women. Instead, it’s a great Creative thing. Scrapbooks are a perfect way to incorporate all the times you spent with your friend, or even make a short record of your Friendship. A helpful and creative tip is to make this a year-long project of collecting little things and putting them in the scrapbook. All you have to do is find a notebook appropriate enough and collect materials such as paper, glue, stickersand Markers. You can use Ohuhu brush markers, colored bands, pens, pencilsetc You can use literally anything varying from your fun photos and texts screenshot. Also you can use polaroid pictures who are always a great aesthetic idea. To make it even more memorable, add the cinema and the train ticketstickets from your travels and embarrassing photos.

  1. “Open when…”

You’ve probably seen this idea all over Tumblr and Pinterest. All your thoughts are collected in a book of letters which should be open at times when your favorite friend is feeling happy, sad, excited or in doubt. It is one of the most thoughtful gift ideas and is a perfect opportunity to write down everything you’ve never had the chance to say. So you should name your book of letters like “Open when you are happy”, “Open when you are sad” and “Open when you are alone”. Letters and memories coming together to remind them how precious they are is much more creative than simply handing them a gift card. You won’t need a lot to make this book. A few crayons, paper, glitter, markers and stickers will do.

  1. Present box

Special dates are to be celebrated and you choose how. Maybe you’d like to throw a big to party, organize a picnic or make a present it will make a long-term memory. One of the best ideas is to make a Present box composed of your friend’s favorite candies, skin care products (Carmex and fabric masks are essential), a collection of stickersand your favorite Pictures. You know your friend best and you need to think about what they would most like to find in the box. If you are out of ideas, we suggest you do DIY tea or coffee mugs. You can use your inside jokes as quotes. When it comes to materials, you will need acrylic paints, thick paper (to make the quote stencil), a scalpel (to cut the stencil), a paintbrush and transparent paint (final coat on the quote). Make the stencil and place it in the one-color mug. Use your acrylics to paint over the stencil. Once the paint is dry, remove the stencil and apply a final coat of clear paint.

  1. friendship bracelets

If you don’t have them, are you even friends? friendship bracelets have been a thing ever since, and if you and your friend don’t have one, then it’s your sign to get them done ASAP. In addition to signifying that they are put in, these bracelets can look amazing and also act completely original accessories. If you don’t know how to make them, you should research the designs you like the most and find YouTube Tutorials who will help you make them. If you fail several times, don’t be discouraged, it’s the effort you put in that counts. At the same time, it is very inexpensive medium to create something with deep emotional connections. You will need different thread colorsthe pattern you’ll love to knit, and the rest is a breeze.

Giving friendship gifts will increase your serotonin levels and make you imagine your friend’s reaction once they receive a gift from you. DIY friendship gifts are a great opportunity for you to show your favorite friend how important they are and let the creative friend in you wake up.

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